Reader Thinning Edges Help!recently wrote in,,"Claire can we start a conversation on thinning edges?I've had thinning edges for as long as I can remember.My Mum and sisters do as well,but mine is really bad.I've never been officially diagnosed,but I believe I suffer from the condition called Alopecia.""
"What can I do?I really want to stop with the weaves and extensions but I can't find the confidence to expose my edges.It's bothered me for so long.Any help or advise on this is appreciated.It's so hard to speak about it and for so long I've ignored it and just used weaves.Now I'm getting older and I' m getting sick of weaves…I really want to go natural.Please help.""

No Problem!I hit up my hairstylist,,Sammy Lacombe,for a bit of insight.Read on for her 5 tips to help with your thinning hair.
1.Eliminate tension.Try not to pull your hair and avoid regular tight styles.
nicki minaj ponytail edges
She explains,,"Tight ponytails,tightly braided weaves,and too tight twists can cause thinning.""Wear your hair down or in a loose pony from time to time.Give the weaves a break,and go for clip in extensions that you can take out daily.She continues,""If you have locs,and notice thinning,try not to twist as often.Wear silk or satin headbanks in between visits to your hairstylist.""

2.Protect your hairline during work outs with a headwrap.
Lacombe says,""Sweat dries your hair and makes the hair brittle.I loveSave Your Do headwrapsbecause they conserve your hairstyle and whisks sweat away.""In addition,wash your hair every 10 to 14 days.

3.Use Oil.
Castor,coconut oil,or a mixture of both are god sends to those with thin edges.萨米说,,"Go for organic,authentic brands for the most efficiency.""

4.Do Protein Treatments.
- 400 x500 kerafuse强化蛋白质治疗
"Protein treatments rebuild the bonds of the hair follicle,""says Lacombe,""You should do them monthly,depending on severity.""If you're not skilled,don't try this at home!See your hairstylist or a hair professional.

5.Try a multivitamin.
2  5 Tips to Save Your Thinning Edges
萨米说,""Get one with biotin in it.Biotin helps stimulate hair and nail growth.""
That does it!!

While all those methods will work if you have moderate thinning,if your hair is already falling out,see a tricologist.They can do transplants or other stimulations.
Do you guys have anything to add??


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