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In her opening remarks at 新利18luck网球Fashion For All Foundation's黑人在时尚界的经历,新利18luck网球迈克尔·安吉拉·戴维斯强调了创造空间的重要性,有空间,占据空间。“容纳我们的空间很重要…”戴维斯对观众说。

Moderated by Teen Vogue's Editor in Chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner,移动的讨论集中在问题上,解决方案,最重要的是在时尚行业内达成了一个坚实的协议,即“黑人体验”是必要的,新利18luck网球应该得到更多的承认。小组成员Constance C.R.White,Dapper Dan索兰奇·富兰克林,Emil Wilbekin,阿里里士满and汉娜·斯塔德迈尔,was an exchange of rich knowledge and experiences that intertwined for the greater good.The Industry needs to create even more dialogue about what's best in creating change for our presence to be further felt,并受到尊重。

To follow such sentiments,renowned and award-winning journalist Constance C.R.White spoke about the importance of having a ‘double conscious'.Like W.E.B Dubois found most important,你必须生活在两个世界中,通过两者来找到解决方案,建桥兴旺,以及生存。Legendary 新利18luck网球fashion designer and haberdasher Dapper Dan added that"We can't have segregated 新利18luck网球fashion and expect to move on",either.从黑社会建设平台行业的货币化工作谈,进入大门,创造机会帮助你身后的人,the most important stuck,这是康斯坦斯·C·R·所说的。White again:

“每个人都应邀参加聚会;这就是多样性。但每个人都得跳舞。That's inclusion."

It's much more work to do,轰炸机和炸弹,但有了很多帮助,我觉得我们开始的很好。思想?

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